Welcome to KemNu!

We are an engagement marketplace for educational institutions to improve student and community experience.

Simple Login Experience

  • Use your Phone Number to login with your one time password that will be sent to you as a text.
  • Input basic account information and sign up (First time users only)

Campus Feed Page

  • See posts students and organizations make. Upvote/downvote, comment, and engage with the posts.

View all Hangouts

  • View the hangouts that other students and organizations are hosting. Join those hangouts and we will put you into a group chat with everyone else who's attending to that hangout.
  • 24 hours after the hangout is over, the group chat will be deleted. This will reduce clutter and encourage you to join more hangouts. Be social!


  • The more hangouts you join and the more you engage on KemNu, the more KemNu coins you earn.
  • You can use the earned KemNu coins to redeem offers from businesses around college campuses.
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