What's in the name? "KemNu"

If you're curious to know what "KemNu" stands for, you have to read this blog


You might be wondering, what is KemNu?

Where did the name come from? Why not something more like Whatsapp or MeetUp? Something that tells you exactly what the app does. Well, we did that, but not exactly in english.

KemNu means “What’s up new friend?” in Gujarati.

Kem = "Hey, what's up?"
Nu = "New friend"

Through KemNu, we help new friendships flourish. Every conversation can create a lasting friendship.

Gujarati is the official language of Gujarat, India where Viraj, KemNu Co-Founder is from.

KemNu is personal. It is inclusive. The name is part of us. It’s our culture, our heritage.

As an Indian run tech company in the United States, we aren’t always able to show every side of us. Our culture and heritage are often hard to showcase. Our brand and code tell a story, but not the whole story. We don’t always get to highlight who we are.

Our name and brand enables us to do that. We can show where we are from and who we are. Pay homage to our origins and our families. Even though many won’t pick up on the meaning, our name says something to other people. It shows our individuality and love of community. Whenever people question what it means, it gives us an opportunity to speak about who we are, where we are from.

We never tire of the question. It gives us the opportunity to spark a conversation.

After all, at the end of the day, our mission to spark conversations.

KemNu is an engagement marketplace for educational institutions to improve student and community experience.

It's a safe space where students can engage with one another and develop meaningful friendships.

Organizations can use the app to improve engagement, host events, fundraise, and track logistics.

Download KemNu in the Apple App Store today!

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