The Loneliest Pandemic

It's been a lonely two years. The pandemic has made it very difficult for students. Learn more about it here.


The Covid 19 pandemic has taken a toll on us all.

Overnight we all had to shut down the socializing, convert our dining rooms into home offices, and stock up on masks. It has truly been a test on the entire human race. While death rates and the economy have rightfully been the focus of this time, there has been another horrible consequence of the pandemic lingering in the background: loneliness.

Spending time in isolation can be incredibly damaging.

Humans are social organisms. We rely on one another to survive. Communication is integral to our lives.

One of our users said:

"As an extrovert, Covid 19 has been hard on me. Even though I have taken advantage of the many tools out there to connect with my friends and family, I still felt lonely at times. I still longed for holiday parties, dining at restaurants, and even going into the office. Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Teams were not enough. The world was at my fingertips, but I was still struggling."

Even in quarantine, we are more connected than ever.

But why do we often feel lonely? We can reach anyone with the click of the button. Yet these tools that connect us still make us feel lonely. It’s because these tools aren’t centered around meaningful connections. KemNu is centered around meaningful connections.

On KemNu, I was able to create hangouts and join other people’s hangouts. I was able to discuss books and stocks with others. I played Among Us and Code Names. I watched movies with other people. I felt connected to a world that seemed so far away.

KemNu brings students together. Creates groups. Helps Organizations. Through KemNu, you can connect with like-minded people and develop real friendships— online and in person. It is activity-centered. We build relationships through interests, not through superficial photos and captions.

We are taking an initiative to help you become social again. Build relationships. Organize your teams. Find people with shared interests. KemNu does it all. One app to bring us together in a divided time. Let’s fight the loneliness pandemic.

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