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What's happening to Small Businesses in College Towns?

College towns without college students have small businesses struggling. According to the Vox, the Covid-19 pandemic forced college students around the country to evacuate campuses in mid-March. Many departed for spring break and never returned. Professors scrambled to move courses online, students moved home or off-campus for the remainder of the spring semester with no clear return date in sight, and seniors had their graduation ceremonies canceled as colleges and universities were forced to navigate higher education in a remote world.

How can KemNu help Small Businesses?

We have built the KemNu Ads mobile app. Businesses can market their deals and discounts directly to all college students and organizations around the college campuses. In addition to monitoring your campaigns in real-time, you can review high-impact recommendations to improve your business model.

What are all the features KemNu Ads offers?

  • Monitor Ads performance anywhere in real time.
  • Make quick changes to campaigns, budgets, keywords, and more
  • Create and edit ads
  • Target your deals towards all college students near your business
  • Offer virtual or in-person deals or discounts
  • Create a student loyalty program to improve your business
  • See your optimization score and apply recommendations
  • Get real-time notifications, such as weekly and monthly performance summaries
  • Talk to a KemNu expert for support, wherever you may be

Download the KemNu Ads mobile app to get the most out of your business today!

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