Gamification and how it benefits you

Learn how KemNu is introducing gamification to the education industry and how it's improving engagement for students.


The big new buzzword: Gamification

The concept of a well thought-out gamification design in any setting is incredible. Student engagement is no exception. Many industries in corporate are seeing improvements in productivity up to 60%, employee retention, more sales, and job satisfaction to name a few top impacts.

These benefits are easily transferable to students!

College enrollment numbers are declining nationwide and there is a need to redefine engagement and success for a new generation of students.

A Brief History of Gamification

It is the idea of adding game-like elements to tasks in order to promote engagement. Researcher Charles Coonradt found five main reasons, namely that people crave clearly defined goals, better scorekeeping and scorecards, more frequent feedback, a higher degree of personal choice of methods, and consistent coaching. This research provides the foundation for what gamification looks like today. Examples include badging programs, point-tracking, virtual or physical rewards, public leaderboards, and leveling up.

KemNu has gamified it's experience

As you engage more on KemNu, the more KemNu coins you earn. Use these coins to redeem special deals and discounts offered at local businesses around your educational institution.

For example: I RSVPed and attended 5 events on KemNu. At each of those events, I scanned a unique QR to prove that I attended. Once I scanned it, I received a total of 15 KemNu coins. With just 15 KemNu coins, I was able to redeem a BOGO at a local pizza place.

Free Pizza & Free T-Shirts - now virtually

College students flock to anything that is free. Social media giveaways normally spike followers, comments, and likes. Students usually show up to anything anywhere if they hear organizations are handing out free food or clothes. KemNu creates a similar experience by providing deals and discounts for attending events. Sometimes you can hit a jackpot if a local business is being generous.

It's mainly for organizations to improve engagement

If you are struggling to host events and maintain membership, download the free app KemNu. We can say with confidence that it's highly worth giving it a shot. Best part, it's Free!

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