How Data can Help Improve Campus Engagements

Learn how data can improve student and community experiences for organizations.


In-Person to Virtual Shift

COVID-19 caused many educational institutions around the world to rapidly switch to online learning. This was a new frontier for many of them.

Education providers had to rapidly adapt to online learning initiatives, leaving many to wonder how to engage students when they are not in a classroom setting. But how do you measure success and engagement with distance learning? The answer lies in analytics of student engagement data.

Analytics to see what's working and what's not.

As students shifted to virtual settings, many of them went back home to their parents or stayed alone social distancing. This increased the usage of technology and various web & mobile applications. Since interactions were now virtual, all the data can be tracked to understand user behavior.

KemNu and it's digital dashboard

We built a dashboard to understand how users are interacting on KemNu. What is working and what is not?

After analyzing the data, we understand it. Then we relay that information to campus organizations and college students. We deliver value by providing transparency of our research.

Why Engagement is important?

It empowers students with the ability to acquire and practice the necessary skills to build a successful future. Experts agree that student engagement imparts knowledge on the true values of ownership, and develops a greater sense of responsibility while developing student communication skills and enhancing their negotiation skills.

Student engagement also builds better relationships with other students, staff, and faculty and helps the students understand governance within the institution’s education system. As a result, it improves student personality and enhances their skills that are necessary for driving change.

According to Harvard, as student engagement decreases, so does academic achievement, student retention, and mental wellness. This is huge problem for university rankings and the new admissions office.

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