Consume the Campus Feed

Learn more about how the Feed Page is disrupting the college experience.


Want to connect with your campus?

KemNu built out a whole feed page for students. This way students, organizations, and the university marketing teams can directly communicate with each other. Since students are verified with their .edu emails, they have access to the campus feed page!

What is the Campus Feed Page?

Students can post messages and pictures and tag the post. The posts are then posted to the campus feed page. Other students can upvote or downvote the posts. Think of this like a campus specific YikYak/Reddit page.

See the funniest or most valuable posts that your classmates are posting. Engage with other students and organizations. It also serves as an opportunity for organizations to market their events.

This is an evolving page that cater to student's needs. Best tool students and organizations can use for internal marketing.

What's Unique about it?

Everything is campus specific. Insider jokes, live sports comments, local experiences, concerts, sharing captured memories, and creating transparency so all students have equal opportunities to see what's happing on your campus.

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