KemNu Features

Managing community members can be stressful.
KemNu gives you the tools and support to deliver a robust experience.

With this app, we serve you the best and most reliable customer experience.

- No need to remember your passwords.
- No distractions like digital ads.
- End-to-End Encrypted.

Elevate your community

Easy integrations to apps you already use

Nu Market

Apps are designed to add new functionality to the community and take the flexibility of the platform to the next level.

Our Nu Market connects your community with tools you already use so you can integrate data and run automation.

Customize branding

- Choose from a range of predefined color palettes or create your own.
- Customize the elements and personalize your community.

Daily updates from feed

- Share your thoughts with your community.
- Market your posts, events, and information.
- Ask for help, feedback, and offer services.

Host exciting events

- Get RSVP details and plan efficiently.
- Tags are an efficient way to organize events.
- Ask for feedback from event participants.
- Improve your community's engagement.

Community Groups

- Main group for all members.
- Event group chats for individual events.
- 24 hours after event, the chat will move to archive.

Join Group Chats

- Join Community Master Chat.
- Take part in Community Event Group Chats.
- Share images, videos, documents with others.

KemNu Hub

- Enable easy 3rd Party integrations.
- Connect Nu Market links to Hub.
- Share important links/documents with all members.

Community Alerts

- Send alerts to all members through SMS and Email.
- You can publish alerts now or in the future.
- Powerful way to share important information.

Make Easy Payments

- Collect Membership fees and Host Paid Events.
- Conduct a fundraiser for a good cause.
- Make payments using Stripe.
- Send amount directly to a designated bank account.

Gamify your engagement

- Earn KemNu coins for engaging with your community.
- Redeem exclusive rewards from our deals section.
- Create incentives for your members to participate in the community!

Advanced Analytics

- View analytics about your community's performance.
- View feedback and data to find ways to improve.