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We built KemNu so you can find exciting events near you, see what's happening on campus, hear the wildest stories, see the craziest things, experience college like it's meant to be experienced.

Organizations have had a difficult time marketing their meetings, events, fundraisers, and activities to students. They've used all kinds of social media apps and none of them helped.

We designed KemNu to bridge students and organizations under one platform so that communication is easy, smooth, and reliable.

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Modern Hangouts

With our sleek design and user friendly interface, we bring the power of college networking to your fingertips.

Clutter Free

Every hangout will create it's own group chat. 24 hours after the hangout is over, we will delete the group chat to reduce clutter.

Nomo Fomo

Never miss out on anything that happens at your school. All the information you need is on KemNu. No more fear of missing out.


Like Neva Before

The sky is the limit
with KemNu

We listen to feedback and build an enhanced experience catered to college students


Host paid events for fundraisers and people can directly send funds on KemNu.

Student Verification
Student Verification

The more you engage within your educational institution, the more rewards you can earn.

Calendar Integration

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