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For community members.

Seamless Experience

We took the best features from the apps you use daily and custom built KemNu just for you.

Community Feed

You can upvote posts from your community feed.

View Events

Members and organizations can host events. You can join them!

Earn Rewards

More you engage on KemNu, the more rewards you can earn.

The sky is the limit
with KemNu

Managing community members can be stressful. KemNu gives you the tools and support to deliver a robust experience.


Host paid events for fundraisers and people can directly send funds on KemNu.

Community Verification
Student Verification

The more you engage within your community, the more rewards you can earn.

Calendar Integration

Get started with KemNu today.

Easy Sign Up

Secure onboarding in 1. 2. 3.

Input your first name, optional profile photo, and join your community through verifiable email or secure community code.

Join your community

You can use your community/company/institution's private encrypted login & password to join. We built a secure login for your community members!

Community Feed Page

Share your stories & news with your community. Upvote your favorite posts and comment!

This is a great place to see what is happening in your community in real time.

View & Host Events

Actually, who cares if you made them? You can clone them from the awesome Universal UI.

Community Alerts

As the community owner, you can send alerts to board members or everyone within the community through SMS, Email, or both.

Community Hub

Keep all of the frequently asked information handy for your community members.

Community Group Chat

All members within the community have access to the community chat. It's a great way to stay updated!

Each event that the member joins will have it's own group chat. This is a great way to keep all communications organized.


Enable your community members to earn rewards by engaging in activities.

They can attain goals set by your community to get coins.

Advanced Analytics

Community owner has the ability to view advanced analytics dashboard on KemNu.

Viewable Metrics include total check-ins, total favorited organizations/people/events, issued KemNu coins, total event hours, and attendance to events breakdown by selected timeline.

All of the metrics are updated in real time.

We are trusted by many Communities

Lean on KemNu to maximize your community engagement and member retention.


review average in our app

Many students love our platform. It's an easy way to get out there and connect with like-minded individuals and find your communities!


students wrote us reviews

The reviews keep coming... We take an initiative to listen to you and build features catering to your needs. It's our secret to our success. Oops, not a secret anymore.


everything is FREE

We understand that college life is broke life. You already have to pay for tuition, books, food, dorms... Don't worry, we won't charge you for this amazing experience.


New Business Partners

We have built a separate app called KemNu Ads for local businesses around your college campus to directly offer you the best deals & discounts!

Great for the Ultimate College Experience.

Late night parties, greek life, going to concerts, homecoming nights, happy hours... you name it!

Party Mode - ON

Join your favorite hangouts and you will be put into a group chat dedicated to the hangout. And that's when the party gets started.

4x Experience

The KemNu experience revolutionizes how students interact. Campus organizations have seen a 400% growth in engagement.

Don't take our word for it.

KemNu User

I recently moved to a new city so making new friends has been hard. And due to covid, it’s gotten even worse. But this app has been quite handy during this time. It lets you host and join both in-person and virtual hangouts which really helped me meet new people. It’s very easy to use and is quite interactive. I totally recommend it if you want to find new people to hangout with!

Ganesh (Jay)
KemNu User

Lots of good options!
Very resourceful app to connect with other individuals especially at a time like this with COVID present. Having the option to have virtual or physical events on the app and being able to meet new friends through it sounds like a good idea to me!

KemNu User

Great way to get to know people!
This app is a fantastic way to get to know people with similar interests as you and also to find new hobbies and things to do in your city. Especially during covid, this has been what I needed to stay involved in the community!

KemNu User

11/10 Recommend
This app is an amazing social platform. I thought that because of COVID and quarantine my social interactions would dramatically decline but KemNu changed that. It had various virtual hangouts that helped me stay sane during quarantine and I made great friends too. It’s a great app and definitely recommend downloading.

KemNu User

Fantastic app
I really love the concept of this app. It really just makes sense. I have joined a few hangouts and it has really helped me meet new people and stay busy. The fact that there are virtual hangouts available really makes it perfect for anyone. Will be a regular user!

KemNu User

Such a great idea! Google hangouts is so hard to navigate, this is sooooo much easier. My friends have been using this for a month now! Highly recommend!

KemNu User

Fun hangout app

KemNu User

Great concept..

Amazing App to connect new peoples around you

A joy giving platform


KemNu User

Great App
I use it all the time to plan my events and meetings and just made my life more organized

KemNu User

really cool concept
i’m excited to look into this app and see what it offers!

KemNu User

Awesome app! The celling is so high for this app. Great concept. Keep up the great works excited to see what this app will be at 2 years from now.

Ko Kelly
KemNu User

Great way to meet local people!
Clean Design and easy to use! I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future! Incredible app! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

Stay tuned to learn what's coming

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