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Who Are We

We are a team of hardworking individuals with a passion to help young adults become more social.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help teenagers and young adults understand the value of human interaction & communication.

What We Do

We offer a variety of activities customized to your location and allow you to explore your interests.

Our history

Our journey began in January 2019, when Viraj & Vishwa came together to build a mobile application to rescue teenagers and young adults from the effects of technology. These young individuals have become addicted to their smartphones, and we used that to our advantage to support a greater cause. We want to eliminate the idea of FOMO and help teens & young adults become more social.

What we do


Local People

Connect with local people and learn more about them. Our algorithm allows you to connect with people within a two-year age gap.


Offline Activities

Discover new activities and explore your area. Find what you like to do, whether it’s water balloon fights or hiking mountains!


BizNu Services

Local Entrepreneurs can offer their services and make money directly on KemNu.



We want to consistently grow our user base and make sure that the app is being utilized by the user.



We want to evolve the app based on user demand and user feedback. Our users control the growth of KemNu!



We want to maintain our app so that it is stable, functioning, and accessible for all users.

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Our App Design is very simplistic and easy to use.

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Contact us for any problems or suggestions! contact@kemnu.com

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All of our employees are down to earth and very supportive. We consider your experience to be valuable. That’s why we work with experienced professionals to deliver the best servic for you.

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