Discover. Connect. Enjoy 

So what is KemNu?

KemNu is a mobile application that allows local people to connect with each other over hundreds of activities. It’s a new way to network and make new friends.

How KemNu works?



Find people in your area who are interested in exploring new things. Find local events and hang out with friends.



If you are alone, find people nearby. Choose your favorite activity on KemNu and connect with those people. 



Meet people who enjoy the same activities as you and have fun! No More Fear of Missing Out! (NOMO FOMO)


You need at least 3 people to form a group. Rate the people you meet 1-5 stars. Also, we have Selfie Verification to ensure the safety of our users.

Premium Users

Premium users have the ability to see all categories and events over a 100 mile radius. They can host events and have the ability to hide their profile.


KemNu strives to make the meetup process very simple. With only a couple of taps, you are able to meet new people and experience new things.

Would you like to give us some feedback?

KemNu strives to deliver the best customer experience at all times. With your support, we can make KemNu a pleasant experience for everyone. Email us and tell us how we can improve!